JANO is:






After 15 years of experience in the movie industry as Production Designer and more than 25 years as a talented musician, Cristiano aka Jano has decided to bring his own passion to another level and to make one of his dream come true:

To blend music with craftmanship, with the aim of creating his unique signature, made of experience, accuracy and last but not least, visionary creativity.

" Workhaolic. Should I tell more about me?"

Jano used to play the drums since he was 10 years old, then he explored his melodic dimension at the age of 14 when he knew the sound of Nuno Bettencourt.

That was such a flash of inspiration, that he decided to recreate and rebuild Nuno's sound by himself, crafting by hand Nuno's beloved guitar " Washburn N4 " and succeeding at his first attempt.

Thanks to years of training in hand-work even as interior designer and as illustrator, Jano gained a very unique touch of art, and his bechelor degree fulfilled in Rome, refined his technique.

With the help of his own gear located in his workshop  in Ciampino ( Rome ), Jano create and customize handsome new guitars everyday.