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<< Would you dare permitting yourself to surrender to the pleasures of fle...Ops, I mean...REFINED WOODS? >>

Soft and smooth polishes, carbonium plates and chroma steel details, hand-carved designes and not-to-forget "alien" and flashing lights expansions... combined with uniques and pure raw woods, top quality wiring and best electrical supplies.

Jano Custom Guitars wants you to feel  and embrace the pleasure of being ONE with your instrument and upgrade you gear to a NEXT LEVEL.   Creating instruments made to fit each hand and each taste, the aim is to make You have a true "experience"  and feel at your best while doing the thing you love

playing music.

Meet:      >> RONIN


<< Where Rock N' Roll meets tradition, passion and workmanship >>

Tim Millar // Protest The Hero w. Coma White

Tim Millar - Protest The Hero
Tim Millar - Protest The Hero

Meet:  // Jano CROSSROADS 

Chroma steel hand-carved plates and shiny car paint polish, this Jano Crossroads plays footsie with 50's american race cars and Pin ups.

Classy, pure and charming. White cream polish and chroma steel details, make this Jano Crossroads an everlasting beauty.

Meet us:

 VIA NOBEL 36,00146 Roma

Come to see and play our guitars at Officina Musicale, a place specially tuned and designed to fuel creativity with the maximum comfort.